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Dw. Dunphy - Writer, musician, graphic artist, megalomaniac.

From the heady days of the indie cassette movement in the 1990s, to the collaborations and experiments of the 2000s, to the mad pop-rock and instrumental laboratories of the 2010s, Dw. Dunphy has created a body of work that is as challenging and varied as any in music today. From his home base in Red Bank, New Jersey, Dunphy raises lo-fi to new heights.

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Fleeting moments of great import.

The News For: December 2017

Everything Goes To Hell by Dw. Dunphy, Jeff Elbel, Randy Kerkman, Dan Pavelich: PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS SONG UNTIL FEBRUARY 2018 WILL GO TO ST. JUDE'S CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.

"Your Saturday Sins" now on vinyl 7"! Very limited! Don't delay!

High quality cassette edition of The First Thing That Came To Mind is coming! Very limited supply. $10 a piece. The first 30 copies will have a unique, numbered sketch by Dw. Dunphy. No two alike! Interested? Contact

The News For: November 2016

New songs "Ancients," "Commercial One," and "No Lite" now posted to Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon Digital, Apple iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and all fine purveyors.

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Where to go? What to do?

The First Thing That Came To Mind

Here is where it starts.