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We've had some downtime 'round these heah parts, but some news is hotly winging your way soon. Stay tuned!

The Deafening Colors Carousel Season


Another bunch of Jersey-ites trying to make me look bad... :)


No, seriously, The Deafening Colors' new effort Carousel Season is a remarkable effort that builds on the strengths of John Arthur and Cris Slotoroff's previous work, while layering in yet another level of sophistication and craftsmanship. You should be getting this album now and joining the growing critical chorus of praise for Carousel Season.

Brandon Schott's Crayons & Angels


There are few musicians as consistently engaging as Brandon Schott. His classic pop-rock sensibilities may seem like those of a passed, better time, but his songs are not revisionist nostalgia. His newest, Crayons & Angels, is currently at Kickstarter. I'm sad to say that his campaign is currently lagging behind. In a more perfect universe, he would have hit goal and started accruing overtime bucks...

Don't let Brandon down. This is a record you'll want to own. Go to his Kickstarter page now and pledge in:

The Moment Before You Arrive


In the early part of this year, I had the great fortune of working on a project by Mike Indest. A talented musician in his own right, Indest certainly didn't need my help, but I brought what I could to the party. The end result, the EP The Moment Before You Arrive, is an excellent piece of work and devoted songcraft on the part of Mr. Mike.

It is free for download at his Bandcamp site and I encourage all manner of folks to check it out and download:

Thoughts and misgivings coming soon.


Stay tuned!

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Fleeting moments of great import.

The News For: December 2017

Everything Goes To Hell by Dw. Dunphy, Jeff Elbel, Randy Kerkman, Dan Pavelich: PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS SONG UNTIL FEBRUARY 2018 WILL GO TO ST. JUDE'S CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.

"Your Saturday Sins" now on vinyl 7"! Very limited! Don't delay!

High quality cassette edition of The First Thing That Came To Mind is coming! Very limited supply. $10 a piece. The first 30 copies will have a unique, numbered sketch by Dw. Dunphy. No two alike! Interested? Contact

The News For: November 2016

New songs "Ancients," "Commercial One," and "No Lite" now posted to Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon Digital, Apple iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and all fine purveyors.

Dw. Dunphy on Spotify. Listen NOW!

Get Digital!

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The First Thing That Came To Mind

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