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The First Thing That Came To Mind - Download

Download the brand new album by Dw. Dunphy today!

The Radial Night - CD and Digital

The Radial Night is a song cycle that is, itself, about circles, cycles, patterns, and traps. Written, recorded, produced, and created by Dw Dunphy.

People Wearing Masks - CD and Digital

Symphonic instrumental music; a soundtrack for a movie that does not exist.

Clothing! - Shirts and Accessories

Show your Dunphy love by wearing this fetching Radial Night design for all the world to see!

No Lite - Digital Single

Cut You Loose - Digital Single

That Never Works - Digital Single

Every musician has key chords that they like. You will hear them hit those chords in some of their favorite compositions. I decided to make a track with some of mine.

The song is, as these things go, about a woman I met and was in serious crush-mode for. I have severe self-confidence issues (apparently), so I tend to work things out through song. My thought is regularly, "I will write her a song and she will find interest in me." Then I will often backtrack, down on myself, and say, "Aw, that never works."

Hence the title. I removed the "Aw."

You're welcome.

Secondhand Home Movies - Digital Single

From the album Gibberish.

The Icy Frozen Ocean - Digital Single

A tribute to that Beach Boys sound from 1967.

Summer Island Park - Digital Single

Love like summer is gone with the seasons, and lost like a memory.